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Cream Cheese – Anchor


Product Description

Anchor Cheese is fantastic for both flavour and functionality. With a variety of options available for any cooking or snacking application. Anchor Cheese is made in New Zealand from the fresh milk of cows that are pasture grazed year-round.
  • Ingredients : Pasteurised Whole Milk and Cream (from Cow’s Milk), Salt, Stabilisers (INS412 Guar Gum, INS410 Locust Bean Gum), Cheese Cultures.
  • Allergen : Contains Milk.
  • Manufacturer : New Zealand
  • Country of Origin : New Zealand
  • Storage Instructions /Arahan Penyimpanan : Keep in refrigerator. Simpan di peti sejuk.
  • Product images may vary slightly in color and texture due to monitor and lighting influences, causing minor color discrepancies. Thank you for your support and understanding! 产品图片因颜色和质地会稍有不同,因显示器和光线影响,实际颜色可能略有差异。感谢您的支持与理解!
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